Announcement of two Herschel related conferences
Posted by h schelp on 10 April 2018 06:51 PM

Dear Herschel colleagues,

These two upcoming conferences may be of interest to some of you:

"From First Stars to Life: Science with the Origins Space Telescope", to be held on on 4-7 September 2018 in Oxford, UK
The infrared is the key wavelength regime for understanding the formation and early evolution of galaxies, stars and planetary systems. These wavelengths probe the obscured Universe from Cosmic Dawn to proto-planetary disks tracing both the dust and the dominant atomic, ionic and molecular cooling lines. Previous space IR missions such as ISO, Spitzer, Herschel and Planck demonstrated the importance of the IR regime in understanding the interplay between stars and the interstellar medium in our Galaxy and in external galaxies near and far.

Building on the success of the previous far-IR missions and their importance for the European astronomical community, the goal of this Workshop is to bring together the community in order to home in on the most pressing questions a next-generation far-IR facility such as Origins Space Telescope would be able to tackle.

The first announcement was issued in March 2018, for further information see the meeting website:

"Velocity-resolved far-infrared imaging spectroscopy of the future: A symposium honoring Paul F Goldsmith", to be held on on 18-19 October 2018, Observatoire de Paris, Paris
The development of heterodyne spectroscopy enabled our exploration of the molecular universe and the formation processes of stars and habitable worlds. The opening of the far-infrared spectrum to high resolution heterodyne spectroscopy by space observatories such as SWAS, Odin, and Herschel has provided important insights on the role of critical tracers such as water and molecular oxygen, while also highlighting C+ as a unique probe of the evolving dense interstellar medium.

In this symposium, we will honor the seminal contributions made by Paul F. Goldsmith, focusing on the bright future of high resolution studies of the dense interstellar medium in our galaxy and in the local universe.

The first announcement was issued on 22 February 2018, for further information see the meeting website:

A companion workshop "Oxygen in Space" will be organized on 16-17 October 2018 at the University of Cergy-Pontoise.

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